Kamryn McKenna

is a designer based in the Catskill Mountains
and New York City. 

She is currently working as a Junior Graphic Designer for Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York.

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BFA Communication Design,
Parsons School of Design

Parsons Dean’s BFA Scholarship

Girls and Cats

✶ Book Design
✶ Research
✶ Photography

2024 Senior Thesis

Girls and Cats is a ribbon-bound book that celebrates the special relationship between girls and their cats. Through photography, essays, and personal reflections, this book aims to challenge misconceptions in our society such as the derogatory “crazy cat lady” trope, the relationship between witchcraft and cats, and the over-sexualization of both women and felines. 

A Sacred Place

✶ Risograph Printing
✶ Book Design

Risograph printed archive that resurrects forgotten digital photographs of girls bedrooms from the 2000’s. All images were sourced from Flickr. The book challenges viewers comfort by exploring perceptions of vulnerability. The images in the piece, initially comforting and nostalgic, take on a more uncomfortable and intimate quality when paired with book’s title.

The bubblegum pink risograph printed pages are bound together with delicate pink thread, tied into bows. The book itself is swathed in a fragment of my personal childhood, fabric from a baby pink pillowcase I once used. Heart-shaped pointelle and silk pink trim adorn the edges, transforming it into an object of comfort, closely resembling a pillow.

Postmortem of a Candy Heart

✶ Book Design
✶ Art Direction
✶ Risograph Printing

Art direction and book design for Amelia Gorman’s debut poetry book, Postmortem of a Candy Heart. Designed and risograph printed promotional material for the book and launch party. 

✶ Book launching May 2024 ✶

Hudson Lab Ventures + Brightline

✶ Branding Design
✶ Art Direction
✶ Wireframing
✶ Illustration

As a Hudson Lab Ventures intern, I led entrepreneurial teams to create and design business concepts for Brightline, a digital mental health serivce for kids and teenagers. I designed project branding and wireframed user-centered interaction models and mockups, as well as final pitch presentations and interactive event materials.

Brightline tasked teams to pitch concepts for their services: BrightBees, an app designed for children aged ten and under, and Brighter Choice, a mental health focused school program.

Tampax Rebrand

✶ Branding Design
✶ Packaging Design
✶ Marketing
✶ Art Direction

Rebrand project for the worlds largest tampon manufacturer, Tampax. Updated the brands visual identity with a modern take while maintaining established brand language and values.

Sleeping Beauty

✶ Book Design
✶ Knitting
✶ Research

Encased in a hand-knit wool cover, Sleeping Beauty is a collection of historical paintings depicting women at rest. This project is a study into how women are portrayed when at their most unknowing state: sleeping, or dead.